Electronic Communications Consent

Electronic Communications Consent

Electronic Communications Consent


Electronic communications terms and conditions

Digital X Money, carries out its communications using electronic communications in accordance with any applicable laws.

You consent to using electronic means to agree, or bind you to, your legal obligations and to receiving all communications relating to your products and services with Digital X Money electronically. Please note that if you do not consent to receiving electronic communications from Digital X Money we may be unable to provide the services you request or may be unable to provide you with our products and services.

By consenting to using electronic communications to agree or accept the terms and conditions that apply to your products and services, our offers to you and any other documents, you will be taken to have signed those documents.

This consent and authority will apply to all communications permitted to take place electronically by law including, but not limited to, account statements, notices and disclosure documents we are required to give you in relation to your account or any notices from us to you. Digital X Money will rely on this consent to communicate with you by any means we choose to, including through our website (www.Digitalxmoney.com), or via the mobile number or email address that you have provided us. You will need to notify Digital X Money if your phone number or email address, or any other contact details, change.

Where you agree to receive communications electronically, Digital X Money will no longer be required to send you any relevant notice or document (including your product disclosure statement) in paper form. It is your responsibility to print or save all communications received from Digital X Money.

Anti-spam filters and hardware and software requirements

It is your responsibility to ensure that you maintain appropriate software and hardware to receive, access and save any electronic communications (this includes ensuring that any electronic communications we send to you are not blocked by any anti-spam software or firewall software). It is also your responsibility to protect and safeguard your login credentials (including your username and password). You should not provide these details to any third party.